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5-MeO-DMT & DMT Both Recently Decriminalized here in Colorado & Oregon

The world of psychedelic medicine has recently seen a surge in the popularity of two substances: 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine) and DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine). Both of these psychedelics have been used for thousands of years by many cultures throughout the world and are now being explored as potential treatments for treatment-resistant depression. Here are five key benefits of 5-MeO-DMT and DMT when it comes to treating depression: *Fast Acting - 5-MeO-DMT is known to cause a rapid onset of effects and can be active within 5-10 minutes. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for immediate relief from their depression symptoms. DMT also has a fast onset of action, however, the effects can last up to 6 hours or longer. *Long-Lasting Effects - While 5-MeO-DMT’s effects usually only last around 30 minutes, the effects of DMT can last up to 24 hours or even more depend on how much is taken and the individual’s tolerance level. This prolonged duration allows users to explore and experience the depths of their subconscious minds, which is beneficial in treating long-standing issues such as depression and anxiety. *Non-Addictive - Both 5-MeO-DMT and DMT are non-addictive substances, meaning that users can take them without the fear of becoming dependent on the substances. This is a huge advantage over other traditional depression treatments such as antidepressants, which can be highly addictive and cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when stopped abruptly. *Low Toxicity - Both 5-MeO-DMT and DMT have low toxicity levels compared to many other psychoactive substances. This means that they are safe to use in therapeutic settings and are not likely to cause any long-lasting physical or mental harm if used responsibly. They also do not interact negatively with alcohol or other drugs, making them a great choice for those looking for an alternative treatment for depression. Overall, both 5-MeO-DMT and DMT are powerful substances that have been used for thousands of years to treat various psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety. They are non-addictive, have low toxicity levels, and can produce long-lasting effects which make them great options for those looking for an alternative treatment. With further scientific research, these substances could prove to be a viable and effective option for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression. So if you are in need of some relief from your depression symptoms, then 5-MeO-DMT or DMT may just be the answer! References: 1. 2. 3. 4. https:// DMT 5. 6. /chemicals /dmt / 7. https://www .frontiersin .org /articles /10 .3389 /fpsyt .2020 .00194 /full

The Healing Powers of Mescaline

Mescaline is a psychedelic drug that has been used for centuries by Indigenous people in healing ceremonies and spiritual journeys. It is found in certain cacti, such as the San Pedro, and can produce powerful psychedelic experiences. In my own life, I experienced the unique healing effects of mescaline from taking pure synthetic form as a youth. In this post, I will share my story of how mescaline helped me cope with the stress, and anxiety of childhood sexual trauma, which we now know as PTSD. I was not having very good results while in therapy as a child, so eventually, I started to self-medicate. If only we had psychedelically trained therapists, back then. Recently, there has been an awakening of interest in the healing properties of mescaline due to the unique effects it produces. We may not always associate psychedelics with healing, but when used responsibly, mescaline can have incredible potential for aiding people in overcoming a variety of mental and emotional issues. A Personal Experience with Mescaline My story begins back when I was in my youth. At that time, I had access to pure synthetic mescaline at an incredibly affordable price - just one dollar! This was an amazing opportunity to explore the effects of this powerful psychedelic without breaking the bank. Although I didn't understand the significance of this at the time, I quickly became aware of how different and powerful its effects were compared to other substances like cannabis which were more readily available or LSD. With each dose, I experienced intense laughter and joy, vivid colors, thoughts I had never considered before, and a deep connection to nature that seemed unparalleled by any other drug or activity, except LSD but different in so many ways, but much like LSD it felt like every object around me was connected in some way with me and I with it.
The Healing Qualities of Mescaline Although my experience with mescaline was largely recreational in nature at the time, it has made me ponder its potential therapeutic benefits. Could mescaline be used as a form of therapy for those struggling with mental health conditions or addiction? For example, would it be able to help those suffering from depression or anxiety find relief from their symptoms? Or could it be used to break through psychological barriers that make it difficult for individuals to overcome addiction or trauma? It wasn’t until much later in my life that I began to understand the powerful potential of mescaline for healing purposes. Research has shown that psychedelics like mescaline can be extremely beneficial in treating issues related to mental health, such as depression and anxiety disorders. Studies have also shown that they can be effective at helping people overcome addictions, even Bipolar disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These studies suggest that there is a significant amount of therapeutic potential associated with psychedelics when used correctly and under proper supervision. Mescaline's Therapeutic Potential Although more research is needed before these questions can be answered definitively, the initial findings suggest that mescaline may indeed have therapeutic potential. Studies have indicated that when taken in low doses (e.g., less than 200 mg), mescaline can produce feelings of euphoria and well-being while also reducing symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Additionally, some researchers believe that higher doses can lead to profound spiritual awakenings which can provide lasting relief from emotional distress and spiritual stagnation. Sustainability Concerns In addition to its therapeutic benefits, it’s important to note that we need to take steps toward ensuring the sustainability of these plants so they can continue being harvested for centuries to come. Peyote is one such plant from which mescaline is derived; however, due to overharvesting by non-Indigenous peoples who are unaware of its traditional use among Indigenous communities, or simply do not care, these plant species are now threatened with extinction in many areas where it naturally grows. For this reason, it is important for us all to educate ourselves on the responsible use of these plants and their associated compounds so we can ensure their continued availability in the future. In other words LEAVE PEYOTE ALONE!
Spirituality For centuries, mescaline has had a profound effect on spirituality. Historically, God was considered an ineffable being, existing everywhere and nowhere, too mysterious for the human mind to comprehend. I certainly never believed there was a god until very recently. Mescaline helped me to open up giving me an understanding of God, allowing me to feel closer to the divine without the need for traditional western forms of religion which I rejected as a child. I had a spiritual awakening and revelations that I never expected. God became something tangible and accessible to me. Spiritual seekers have long seen this as one of the most attractive aspects of taking mescaline - providing access to God Himself without any external obstacles standing in their way. Mescaline has been a God-given gift that allows us to access spirituality. As one of the most potentially powerful psychedelics humans have interacted with, mescaline is capable of revealing an inner vision and giving the user access to what God has created. For me, recently experiencing this hallucinogen helped me open myself up to God's fullness, connecting me with a feeling of joy intermingled with peace and security, no fear of punishment, just love. Mescaline provided me with an enlightening glimpse into the infinite power of the Universe that made anything possible! This powerful impact on people's understanding of spirituality has spanned centuries and still impacts our understanding today. The effects of mescaline thus show how our search for God transcends multiple beliefs and ideologies as we discover the divine within ourselves. Why Scientists Are Interested In The Therapeutic Benefits Of Mescaline In recent years, scientists have become increasingly interested in researching the therapeutic potentials of psychedelics like mescaline due to their ability to help treat mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, etc. Studies have already shown that psychedelics have significant anti-addictive properties which could potentially be used as an alternative treatment option for those suffering from substance abuse disorders or other addictions such as gambling or sex addiction. While much more research needs to be conducted before any definitive conclusions can be made regarding the therapeutic potentials of psychedelics like mescaline, initial studies are promising and offer hope for those seeking relief from mental health issues without relying on traditional medications with their often severe side effects. As I have mentioned several times now, Mescaline has been used by Indigenous people for centuries in healing ceremonies and spiritual journeys; however, it wasn't until recently that scientists began looking into its potential therapeutic benefits. My own experiences with pure synthetic mescaline showed me just how powerful the effects can be—from vivid colors that appear brighter than usual to feeling connected with nature in ways never before imagined—it's no wonder why scientists are trying to unlock its secrets! Hopefully, we can continue learning more about this powerful psychedelic drug so that those suffering from mental health issues can find relief. Let us remember though not to forget about respecting sacred plants like peyote so they may continue being harvested by indigenous peoples for generations to come! This is just my opinion but I feel unless you are invited to a peyote ceremony, just leave Peyote alone, please! In conclusion, while psychedelics like mescaline still remain largely misunderstood throughout society today, research suggests they possess immense therapeutic potential when used correctly and safely under expert guidance. While more research needs to be conducted on these compounds before they become widely accepted. Hopefully, future studies will reveal even more about this fascinating substance so we can continue exploring its healing powers for generations to come! All things considered, it’s clear that psychedelics like mescaline hold vast amounts of promise for our collective healing journey moving forward into tomorrow’s world.
Mark Rose

Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Need for Educators and Researchers in Psychedelic Medicine

Must be able to work with folks that have continued to provide Natural Psychedelic substances for decades at great risk, because they understood the potential For years, psychedelics have been labeled as dangerous, Long associated with counterculture and illicit drug use, yet there is now a great body of evidence that suggests these substances can be used safely and effectively to treat mental disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and more. It is time to stop the stigma associated with psychedelics and embrace them for their potential medicinal & spiritual value. To do that we need educated scientists and educators to lead the way. Psychedelic medicine has been used for decades as a way to treat mental disorders, for spiritual exploration, and for self-medication. Natural psychedelic substances are much safer than most pharmaceuticals, yet they have been stigmatized due to a lack of education and research. Colorado and Oregon have taken the lead in changing laws regarding cannabis use, so they can be natural testing grounds for this new experiment with these new groundbreaking laws they have passed. It is time to break the myths that have been perpetuated over the past 60 years and bring more educators and researchers on board to help us understand this medicine better. But there is also a need for those educators to listen to the individuals that have been using these substances to treat their own mental health disorders or to help others treat theirs and for spiritual purposes for many decades I know how to grow these substances and process them safely & effectively. We not only need to get rid of the stigma, but we also might need to get rid of some ego also. We certainly found this true when we were legalizing medical cannabis in Colorado. The Psychedelic Revolution Is Here
As we move deeper into the dawn of a new psychedelic revolution with an increased focus on research and development, it is essential that we have highly trained professionals leading the charge. We need experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology, nutrition science, and other related disciplines who can help guide us through this process. These experts should also be familiar with the science behind psychedelic use as well as its history. This will ensure that our understanding of psychedelics is based on facts rather than speculation or anecdotal evidence. We also need people who have direct experience with psychedelics either through personal experiences or via those they know or work with professionally. These individuals should be able to provide insight into how psychedelics can be used responsibly and effectively for medicinal purposes without compromising safety or efficacy. Many have decades of experience in psychedelic harm reduction from decades of providing these services for free at festivals. They should also understand how to best integrate these substances ad methods into traditional therapeutic models so that they can offer guidance to patients considering using them for treatment purposes, set & setting being the most obvious. The Need For Research And Education In Psychedelic Medicine There is an urgent need for more research into psychedelic medicine, as well as more education about its uses and applications. Much of what we know about psychedelics comes from anecdotal stories or outdated studies from decades ago. This means that a lot of people don’t fully understand what psychedelics can do or how safe they really are. We need more reliable data about their potential health benefits so that we can make informed decisions about using them. The Potential Benefits of Psychedelics
Psychedelic medicine is starting to gain traction as a way to treat conditions like depression and PTSD. Psilocybin mushrooms have shown promising results in clinical trials for treating anxiety and depression related to terminal illnesses. MDMA may be effective in treating PTSD symptoms that resist traditional treatments. And research into LSD-assisted psychotherapy is ongoing. These substances have also been used by many people for spiritual purposes. Psychedelics can produce powerful spiritual experiences that allow users to connect with something greater than themselves, which can lead to personal growth and insight into life’s big questions. Despite this potential, psychedelics remain largely misunderstood and stigmatized due to decades of lies from the government about the dangers of these substances. How To Make Education And Research Possible The first step towards making education and research around psychedelic medicines possible is to reduce the stigma associated with them by providing accurate information about their safety and efficacy when used responsibly. Additionally, we need more funding for research into the potential health benefits of psychedelics so that reliable data can be collected on their effects on humans. Finally, it’s important to create safe environments where people can explore these medicines without fear of judgment or persecution from law enforcement officials or other members of society. The Role of Educators in Psychedelic Medicine In addition, there is a need for qualified educators who can provide accurate information about psychedelic medicine to the public. People need to be taught not only how psychedelics work but also how to safely use them when engaging in therapeutic activities like meditation or yoga. Educators should also focus on de-stigmatizing psychedelic medicines by providing factual evidence of their safety and efficacy when used responsibly. So in addition to scientists and researchers in psychedelic medicine, it is important to have experienced educators who are able to break down complex concepts related to psychedelics in an easy-to-understand manner. These educators should be able to explain why certain regulations are necessary when using psychedelics medically and why certain precautions must be taken when doing so safely. They should also be able to clearly explain what risks are involved in taking psychedelics for therapeutic purposes versus recreational use. Finally, these educators must understand how their own experiences have shaped their views on psychedelics and how they can use this knowledge to help others make informed decisions about whether or not they want to explore this type of therapy. Psychedelic medicine has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of mental health care if it is researched properly and accurately presented to the public through education initiatives. It’s time we started breaking down the stigma associated with psychedelics so that we can start exploring this powerful form of healing in a responsible manner. With increased funding, educational resources, and safe spaces to explore these medicines responsibly, we could potentially unlock some hugely beneficial treatments previously kept hidden away due to outdated laws and stigmas around these substances. For too long psychedelic substances have been shrouded in mystery and confusion due largely in part due to misinformation spread by those opposed to their use either medically or recreationally. It's time we shed light on the truth about these powerful medicines so that everyone can make informed decisions about if they want to explore using them themselves or if they want to suggest them as a treatment option for someone else struggling with a mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Psychedelic medicine has the potential to revolutionize how we approach mental health disorders as well as provide a powerful tool for personal growth and insight into life’s big questions—but only if we have qualified professionals driving research forward while educating people on responsible use of these substances and possibly being humble enough to learn from those, who once were thought to be outlaws by our society but refused to give up. It is up to us now—as educators, scientists, researchers, and users—to continue pushing the boundaries of what psychedelic medicine can offer society at large if we want it to reach its full potential. Ultimately it comes down to breaking down stigmas surrounding psychedelics that have been created over 60 years of lies from the government about them; everyone should have access (if they choose) regardless of if they are using it therapeutically or spiritually – either way it’s time we break these stigmas!