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5-MeO-DMT & DMT Both Recently Decriminalized here in Colorado & Oregon

The world of psychedelic medicine has recently seen a surge in the popularity of two substances: 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine) and DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine). Both of these psychedelics have been used for thousands of years by many cultures throughout the world and are now being explored as potential treatments for treatment-resistant depression. Here are five key benefits of 5-MeO-DMT and DMT when it comes to treating depression: *Fast Acting - 5-MeO-DMT is known to cause a rapid onset of effects and can be active within 5-10 minutes. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for immediate relief from their depression symptoms. DMT also has a fast onset of action, however, the effects can last up to 6 hours or longer. *Long-Lasting Effects - While 5-MeO-DMT’s effects usually only last around 30 minutes, the effects of DMT can last up to 24 hours or even more depend on how much is taken and the individual’s tolerance level. This prolonged duration allows users to explore and experience the depths of their subconscious minds, which is beneficial in treating long-standing issues such as depression and anxiety. *Non-Addictive - Both 5-MeO-DMT and DMT are non-addictive substances, meaning that users can take them without the fear of becoming dependent on the substances. This is a huge advantage over other traditional depression treatments such as antidepressants, which can be highly addictive and cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when stopped abruptly. *Low Toxicity - Both 5-MeO-DMT and DMT have low toxicity levels compared to many other psychoactive substances. This means that they are safe to use in therapeutic settings and are not likely to cause any long-lasting physical or mental harm if used responsibly. They also do not interact negatively with alcohol or other drugs, making them a great choice for those looking for an alternative treatment for depression. Overall, both 5-MeO-DMT and DMT are powerful substances that have been used for thousands of years to treat various psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety. They are non-addictive, have low toxicity levels, and can produce long-lasting effects which make them great options for those looking for an alternative treatment. With further scientific research, these substances could prove to be a viable and effective option for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression. So if you are in need of some relief from your depression symptoms, then 5-MeO-DMT or DMT may just be the answer! References: 1. 2. 3. 4. https:// DMT 5. 6. /chemicals /dmt / 7. https://www .frontiersin .org /articles /10 .3389 /fpsyt .2020 .00194 /full

The Healing Powers of Mescaline

Mescaline is a psychedelic drug that has been used for centuries by Indigenous people in healing ceremonies and spiritual journeys. It is found in certain cacti, such as the San Pedro, and can produce powerful psychedelic experiences. In my own life, I experienced the unique healing effects of mescaline from taking pure synthetic form as a youth. In this post, I will share my story of how mescaline helped me cope with the stress, and anxiety of childhood sexual trauma, which we now know as PTSD. I was not having very good results while in therapy as a child, so eventually, I started to self-medicate. If only we had psychedelically trained therapists, back then. Recently, there has been an awakening of interest in the healing properties of mescaline due to the unique effects it produces. We may not always associate psychedelics with healing, but when used responsibly, mescaline can have incredible potential for aiding people in overcoming a variety of mental and emotional issues. A Personal Experience with Mescaline My story begins back when I was in my youth. At that time, I had access to pure synthetic mescaline at an incredibly affordable price - just one dollar! This was an amazing opportunity to explore the effects of this powerful psychedelic without breaking the bank. Although I didn't understand the significance of this at the time, I quickly became aware of how different and powerful its effects were compared to other substances like cannabis which were more readily available or LSD. With each dose, I experienced intense laughter and joy, vivid colors, thoughts I had never considered before, and a deep connection to nature that seemed unparalleled by any other drug or activity, except LSD but different in so many ways, but much like LSD it felt like every object around me was connected in some way with me and I with it.
The Healing Qualities of Mescaline Although my experience with mescaline was largely recreational in nature at the time, it has made me ponder its potential therapeutic benefits. Could mescaline be used as a form of therapy for those struggling with mental health conditions or addiction? For example, would it be able to help those suffering from depression or anxiety find relief from their symptoms? Or could it be used to break through psychological barriers that make it difficult for individuals to overcome addiction or trauma? It wasn’t until much later in my life that I began to understand the powerful potential of mescaline for healing purposes. Research has shown that psychedelics like mescaline can be extremely beneficial in treating issues related to mental health, such as depression and anxiety disorders. Studies have also shown that they can be effective at helping people overcome addictions, even Bipolar disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These studies suggest that there is a significant amount of therapeutic potential associated with psychedelics when used correctly and under proper supervision. Mescaline's Therapeutic Potential Although more research is needed before these questions can be answered definitively, the initial findings suggest that mescaline may indeed have therapeutic potential. Studies have indicated that when taken in low doses (e.g., less than 200 mg), mescaline can produce feelings of euphoria and well-being while also reducing symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Additionally, some researchers believe that higher doses can lead to profound spiritual awakenings which can provide lasting relief from emotional distress and spiritual stagnation. Sustainability Concerns In addition to its therapeutic benefits, it’s important to note that we need to take steps toward ensuring the sustainability of these plants so they can continue being harvested for centuries to come. Peyote is one such plant from which mescaline is derived; however, due to overharvesting by non-Indigenous peoples who are unaware of its traditional use among Indigenous communities, or simply do not care, these plant species are now threatened with extinction in many areas where it naturally grows. For this reason, it is important for us all to educate ourselves on the responsible use of these plants and their associated compounds so we can ensure their continued availability in the future. In other words LEAVE PEYOTE ALONE!
Spirituality For centuries, mescaline has had a profound effect on spirituality. Historically, God was considered an ineffable being, existing everywhere and nowhere, too mysterious for the human mind to comprehend. I certainly never believed there was a god until very recently. Mescaline helped me to open up giving me an understanding of God, allowing me to feel closer to the divine without the need for traditional western forms of religion which I rejected as a child. I had a spiritual awakening and revelations that I never expected. God became something tangible and accessible to me. Spiritual seekers have long seen this as one of the most attractive aspects of taking mescaline - providing access to God Himself without any external obstacles standing in their way. Mescaline has been a God-given gift that allows us to access spirituality. As one of the most potentially powerful psychedelics humans have interacted with, mescaline is capable of revealing an inner vision and giving the user access to what God has created. For me, recently experiencing this hallucinogen helped me open myself up to God's fullness, connecting me with a feeling of joy intermingled with peace and security, no fear of punishment, just love. Mescaline provided me with an enlightening glimpse into the infinite power of the Universe that made anything possible! This powerful impact on people's understanding of spirituality has spanned centuries and still impacts our understanding today. The effects of mescaline thus show how our search for God transcends multiple beliefs and ideologies as we discover the divine within ourselves. Why Scientists Are Interested In The Therapeutic Benefits Of Mescaline In recent years, scientists have become increasingly interested in researching the therapeutic potentials of psychedelics like mescaline due to their ability to help treat mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, etc. Studies have already shown that psychedelics have significant anti-addictive properties which could potentially be used as an alternative treatment option for those suffering from substance abuse disorders or other addictions such as gambling or sex addiction. While much more research needs to be conducted before any definitive conclusions can be made regarding the therapeutic potentials of psychedelics like mescaline, initial studies are promising and offer hope for those seeking relief from mental health issues without relying on traditional medications with their often severe side effects. As I have mentioned several times now, Mescaline has been used by Indigenous people for centuries in healing ceremonies and spiritual journeys; however, it wasn't until recently that scientists began looking into its potential therapeutic benefits. My own experiences with pure synthetic mescaline showed me just how powerful the effects can be—from vivid colors that appear brighter than usual to feeling connected with nature in ways never before imagined—it's no wonder why scientists are trying to unlock its secrets! Hopefully, we can continue learning more about this powerful psychedelic drug so that those suffering from mental health issues can find relief. Let us remember though not to forget about respecting sacred plants like peyote so they may continue being harvested by indigenous peoples for generations to come! This is just my opinion but I feel unless you are invited to a peyote ceremony, just leave Peyote alone, please! In conclusion, while psychedelics like mescaline still remain largely misunderstood throughout society today, research suggests they possess immense therapeutic potential when used correctly and safely under expert guidance. While more research needs to be conducted on these compounds before they become widely accepted. Hopefully, future studies will reveal even more about this fascinating substance so we can continue exploring its healing powers for generations to come! All things considered, it’s clear that psychedelics like mescaline hold vast amounts of promise for our collective healing journey moving forward into tomorrow’s world.
Mark Rose

Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Need for Educators and Researchers in Psychedelic Medicine

Must be able to work with folks that have continued to provide Natural Psychedelic substances for decades at great risk, because they understood the potential For years, psychedelics have been labeled as dangerous, Long associated with counterculture and illicit drug use, yet there is now a great body of evidence that suggests these substances can be used safely and effectively to treat mental disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and more. It is time to stop the stigma associated with psychedelics and embrace them for their potential medicinal & spiritual value. To do that we need educated scientists and educators to lead the way. Psychedelic medicine has been used for decades as a way to treat mental disorders, for spiritual exploration, and for self-medication. Natural psychedelic substances are much safer than most pharmaceuticals, yet they have been stigmatized due to a lack of education and research. Colorado and Oregon have taken the lead in changing laws regarding cannabis use, so they can be natural testing grounds for this new experiment with these new groundbreaking laws they have passed. It is time to break the myths that have been perpetuated over the past 60 years and bring more educators and researchers on board to help us understand this medicine better. But there is also a need for those educators to listen to the individuals that have been using these substances to treat their own mental health disorders or to help others treat theirs and for spiritual purposes for many decades I know how to grow these substances and process them safely & effectively. We not only need to get rid of the stigma, but we also might need to get rid of some ego also. We certainly found this true when we were legalizing medical cannabis in Colorado. The Psychedelic Revolution Is Here
As we move deeper into the dawn of a new psychedelic revolution with an increased focus on research and development, it is essential that we have highly trained professionals leading the charge. We need experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology, nutrition science, and other related disciplines who can help guide us through this process. These experts should also be familiar with the science behind psychedelic use as well as its history. This will ensure that our understanding of psychedelics is based on facts rather than speculation or anecdotal evidence. We also need people who have direct experience with psychedelics either through personal experiences or via those they know or work with professionally. These individuals should be able to provide insight into how psychedelics can be used responsibly and effectively for medicinal purposes without compromising safety or efficacy. Many have decades of experience in psychedelic harm reduction from decades of providing these services for free at festivals. They should also understand how to best integrate these substances ad methods into traditional therapeutic models so that they can offer guidance to patients considering using them for treatment purposes, set & setting being the most obvious. The Need For Research And Education In Psychedelic Medicine There is an urgent need for more research into psychedelic medicine, as well as more education about its uses and applications. Much of what we know about psychedelics comes from anecdotal stories or outdated studies from decades ago. This means that a lot of people don’t fully understand what psychedelics can do or how safe they really are. We need more reliable data about their potential health benefits so that we can make informed decisions about using them. The Potential Benefits of Psychedelics
Psychedelic medicine is starting to gain traction as a way to treat conditions like depression and PTSD. Psilocybin mushrooms have shown promising results in clinical trials for treating anxiety and depression related to terminal illnesses. MDMA may be effective in treating PTSD symptoms that resist traditional treatments. And research into LSD-assisted psychotherapy is ongoing. These substances have also been used by many people for spiritual purposes. Psychedelics can produce powerful spiritual experiences that allow users to connect with something greater than themselves, which can lead to personal growth and insight into life’s big questions. Despite this potential, psychedelics remain largely misunderstood and stigmatized due to decades of lies from the government about the dangers of these substances. How To Make Education And Research Possible The first step towards making education and research around psychedelic medicines possible is to reduce the stigma associated with them by providing accurate information about their safety and efficacy when used responsibly. Additionally, we need more funding for research into the potential health benefits of psychedelics so that reliable data can be collected on their effects on humans. Finally, it’s important to create safe environments where people can explore these medicines without fear of judgment or persecution from law enforcement officials or other members of society. The Role of Educators in Psychedelic Medicine In addition, there is a need for qualified educators who can provide accurate information about psychedelic medicine to the public. People need to be taught not only how psychedelics work but also how to safely use them when engaging in therapeutic activities like meditation or yoga. Educators should also focus on de-stigmatizing psychedelic medicines by providing factual evidence of their safety and efficacy when used responsibly. So in addition to scientists and researchers in psychedelic medicine, it is important to have experienced educators who are able to break down complex concepts related to psychedelics in an easy-to-understand manner. These educators should be able to explain why certain regulations are necessary when using psychedelics medically and why certain precautions must be taken when doing so safely. They should also be able to clearly explain what risks are involved in taking psychedelics for therapeutic purposes versus recreational use. Finally, these educators must understand how their own experiences have shaped their views on psychedelics and how they can use this knowledge to help others make informed decisions about whether or not they want to explore this type of therapy. Psychedelic medicine has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of mental health care if it is researched properly and accurately presented to the public through education initiatives. It’s time we started breaking down the stigma associated with psychedelics so that we can start exploring this powerful form of healing in a responsible manner. With increased funding, educational resources, and safe spaces to explore these medicines responsibly, we could potentially unlock some hugely beneficial treatments previously kept hidden away due to outdated laws and stigmas around these substances. For too long psychedelic substances have been shrouded in mystery and confusion due largely in part due to misinformation spread by those opposed to their use either medically or recreationally. It's time we shed light on the truth about these powerful medicines so that everyone can make informed decisions about if they want to explore using them themselves or if they want to suggest them as a treatment option for someone else struggling with a mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Psychedelic medicine has the potential to revolutionize how we approach mental health disorders as well as provide a powerful tool for personal growth and insight into life’s big questions—but only if we have qualified professionals driving research forward while educating people on responsible use of these substances and possibly being humble enough to learn from those, who once were thought to be outlaws by our society but refused to give up. It is up to us now—as educators, scientists, researchers, and users—to continue pushing the boundaries of what psychedelic medicine can offer society at large if we want it to reach its full potential. Ultimately it comes down to breaking down stigmas surrounding psychedelics that have been created over 60 years of lies from the government about them; everyone should have access (if they choose) regardless of if they are using it therapeutically or spiritually – either way it’s time we break these stigmas!

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The Foul Play of Executives when it comes to Psychedelic Stocks

The Foul Play of Psychedelic Stocks Blog Introduction: It's no secret that big money is interested in psychedelics. After all, the potential to heal disorders and addictions is huge, and there's a lot of money to be made in the industry. However, recent reports of foul play among the top players when it comes to psychedelic stocks have me concerned. I've been investing in psychedelic research for the last six years, and I've seen firsthand how quickly you can make a lot of money and I have seen just how quickly the bottom can fall out when companies are more interested in making a quick buck than in delivering on their promises. For the last six years, I have been investing in psychedelic research. I believed in the science, and I still do. But lately, I've been feeling uneasy about the state of affairs when it comes to the top players in the industry. Compass Pathways and Mind Meds are a mess and there have been reports of possible foul play. I'm concerned that this will be bad for psychedelic science as a whole not to mention my personal losses. The Bottom Falls Out I first got interested in psychedelic stocks back in 2014, when a friend told me about a company called Compass Pathways that was working on developing treatments for mental health disorders using psychedelics. I did some research and decided to invest, and I was rewarded handsomely over the next few years as Compass Pathways' stock price rose. In 2019 and 2020, I did very well for myself. But then the bottom seems to have fallen out.
Recent reports suggest that Compass Pathways is more interested in making a quick buck than in developing effective treatments. The company has been accused of using investor money to fund lavish lifestyle choices for its CEO, rather than reinvesting it into research and development. Additionally, there are reports of possible foul play among the top executives at Mind Meds, another major player in the psychedelic stock market. Another company that I am invested in as soon as they went public, and I did very well for the first 2 years and even though its tanked over the last year I am still holding because I believe in the science. These reports have me concerned that investors are being ripped off and that the science behind psychedelics will suffer as a result. What's Going On? Psychedelics are having a moment. They're being touted as a potential cure for everything from depression to addiction. And there's a lot of money to be made in this new industry. That's why some of the top players are Venture capitalists who are more interested in making a quick buck than they are in helping people heal. This is not to say that all Venture capitalists are bad people. But when it comes to Compass Pathways and Mind Meds, I'm starting to wonder if they're more interested in ripping off investors than they are in actually doing good science. There have been reports of possible foul play and I'm not surprised when you look at the people involved. These companies are a mess and I'm worried that it's going to reflect poorly on psychedelic science as a whole. What's Going on With Compass Pathways and Mind Meds? Compass Pathways and Mind Meds are two of the top players in the psychedelics industry, but they're both a mess right now and they are not alone. There have been reports of possible foul play, and I'm not surprised when you look at the money people involved in starting these two companies. Although my values and politics didn't align with these venture capitalists, I was and am still convinced of the science behind psychedelics and mental health. I believe in their potential to heal disorders and addictions, which would obviously turn into a very big industry with vast sums of money being spent and made. That's why the money people are involved.
But it seems like they're more interested in making a quick buck than anything else. And that's not good for anyone – investors, patients, or even the psychedelic industry as a whole. If these companies rip off investors, it'll be bad for everyone involved. Let's hope that isn't what is happening. I'm still convinced of the science behind psychedelics and mental health, but I'm concerned that the bad actors in the industry are going to cause investors to lose faith in the potential of these treatments. I believe in psychedelics, and I believe in the science behind them. But I have to ask is the industry more interested in making money than they are in helping people heal? If this continues, it will be bad for psychedelic science as a whole. I'm concerned because I've been investing in psychedelic research for years, and I believe in the potential of psychedelics to help people heal from mental illness. But it seems like the money people are only interested in making a quick buck, and that could be bad for everyone involved – investors, patients, or even the psychedelic industry as a whole. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

What Are the Dangers of Not Calling Fascism by Its Name?

The Dangers of Not Calling Fascism by Its Name In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of "fascism" in the United States. But there's one group of people who are still refusing to acknowledge the very real threat that fascism poses to our democracy: the press. For too long, the press has been downplaying the dangers of fascism, calling it a "denial" of reality instead of what it really is: an ideology that seeks to undermine and destroy democratic institutions. This is exactly what fascists did in Italy, Spain, and Germany in the early 20th century, and we cannot let history repeat itself. The press has a responsibility to call out these dangerous activities for what they are, and to hold those who are promoting them accountable. Words matter and the press needs to start using them correctly if we're going to stop the rise of fascism in America. In case you haven't been paying attention, fascism is on the rise. No, this is not hyperbole; fascists are openly and actively working to subvert democracy and establish an autocratic regime. And the press is not helping. For months now, politicians and their supporters have been pushing the false narrative that the election was rigged, and then downplaying the use of violence. This is exactly what fascists did almost 100 years ago in Italy, Spain, and Germany. Our precious Fourth Estate is really letting us down by not calling out these activities for what they are: fascist propaganda designed to undermine faith in democracy.
We don't have to repeat history; these are supposed to be intelligent people that work in the news industry. Words matter and journalists know it. So why aren't they using their platform to call out these dangerous activities? Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not to call election deniers "fascists." On the one hand, this is an accurate description of their beliefs and actions. On the other hand, some people believe that this is too inflammatory and will only serve to further divide the country. So, what's the right thing to do? How Fascism Works Fascism is an ideology that is anti-democratic and anti-individualistic. It seeks to create a totalitarian state in which all aspects of life are controlled by the government. Fascism promotes violence and bigotry as a means of achieving its goals, and its followers are typically willing to use any means necessary to achieve their objectives. Fascists typically target minority groups as scapegoats for society's ills, and they often use propaganda and misinformation to further their agenda. They also seek to control the media and silence dissent. All of these tactics were employed by fascist regimes in Italy, Spain, and Germany in the early 20th century, and they are being used again today by those who seek to undermine democracy in America.
Why the Press Matters The press plays a vital role in democracy, and it has a responsibility to report on events accurately and fairly. However, in recent years, there has been a trend among some members of the press to downplay the danger of fascism. This needs to stop. The Dangers of Normalizing Fascism By normalizing fascism, the press is effectively giving them a free pass to continue their subversion of democracy. This cannot be allowed to stand. We cannot let history repeat itself. We must be vigilant in calling out fascism whenever and wherever we see it.
Fascism relies on a few key tactics to gain power and control over a population: disinformation, propaganda, and violence. By spreading disinformation and propaganda, they aim to sow discord and division among the populace. And when that doesn't work, they resort to violence. We've seen all of these tactics employed by Trump and his supporters along with foreign governments over the past four years. And we cannot allow them to get away with it any longer. There is no easy answer to this question. On the one hand, it is important to call out dangerous and extremist beliefs for what they are. This is especially true when those beliefs could lead to violence or other harm. On the other hand, using such charged language could further inflame tensions and make it harder to find common ground. We must call out dangerous beliefs for what they are, but we must also be mindful of the consequences of our words. We must find a way to bridge the divide, not widen it. It's worth noting that this isn't just a theoretical debate; similar discussions are happening within the news industry right now. Journalists are struggling with how to cover politicians and their supporters who are still pushing Donald Trump's narrative that the election was rigged. Should they be called "fascists"? "Deniers"? Something else entirely? Call Them What They Are: Fascists!
It's time to stop normalizing fascism and start calling it what it is: a dangerous, anti-democratic activity that must be stopped. The press has a responsibility to its audience to report the truth, and part of that truth is calling out these politicians and their supporters for the fascists they are. We cannot let history repeat itself; we must be vigilant in calling out fascism whenever and wherever we see it. Only then can we hope to stop it from taking over our country. That means the press needs to start calling out these dangerous activities for what they are and hold those who are promoting them accountable. Words matter and the press needs to use them correctly if we're going to stop the rise of fascism in America. How else can people know? People that are so busy trying to survive and support themselves and their families that they need reliable news to make correct decisions. Only by doing so can we protect our democracy from those who seek to destroy it. We must call out dangerous beliefs, but we must also be mindful of how our words can further inflame tensions. We must find a way to bridge the divide, not widen it if that is possible at this point in time.

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Will Social Security And Medicare Be Next if Republicans Win?

The Importance of Voting in the Upcoming Elections With the elections fast approaching, it's more important than ever to make sure your voice is heard. If you're a senior citizen, you may be especially concerned about the future of Social Security and Medicare. After all, these are vital programs that millions of seniors rely on for their retirement and healthcare needs. So, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard. Republicans are eyeing our Social Security and Medicare, and if they are elected, they could make drastic changes to both programs. It is essential that we vote to protect these programs that millions of seniors rely on. Unfortunately, if the Republicans are elected, they could jeopardize the future of these programs. That's because they're eyeing them as potential cuts to help balance the budget. They've even talked about making Social Security and Medicare "discretionary" programs, which would mean that Congress would have to vote each year to approve funding for them. Given the games that Republicans have played in the past with the debt ceiling and government shutdowns, do you really want to trust the future of these programs to their political debates? What is at Stake? If the Republicans are elected, they could make changes to Social Security and Medicare that would have a negative impact on millions of seniors. They have stated that they want to make both programs discretionary, which would mean that Congress would have to vote each year to approve the funding. This could lead to major problems, as we have seen in the past when the debt ceiling was raised and there was a threat of shutting down our government. We cannot afford to take this risk with programs that so many people depend on. The Stakes are High This election is one of the most important ones in recent memory. The republicans have already shown that they are willing to play games with the debt ceiling and shut down the government. The Activist Supreme Court which the republicans stacked while in power has already overturned Roe V Wade and is currently running interference for Trump in his court cases. Do we really want to trust the republicans with our Social Security and Medicare? These programs are vital to millions of seniors, and if the funding for them becomes discretionary, it would be a disaster. We cannot let that happen. Vote Early and Often If you haven't already voted early, make sure to do so on election day. Every vote counts, and we need all the help we can get to make sure that the democrats pick up seats in both the House and the Senate. This is a crucial time for our country, so please make your voice heard by voting in this critical election. This election could determine the future of our country, and the world, for years to come. If Republicans are elected, we could lose much more than our democracy. If they are successful in making our Social Security and Medicare programs discretionary, it would be a disaster for millions of seniors who rely on them. So please, get out and vote in this critical election, and make your voice heard.
Why Voting is Important Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen. It is your chance to have a say in what happens in your country. If you don’t vote, you are essentially giving up your right to complain about the state of our government. So, make sure you are registered to vote and make your voice heard in the upcoming elections! So, it's clear that there's a lot at stake in these upcoming elections. That's why it's so important to get out and vote! Every vote count, so make sure your voice is heard. With so much at stake in these upcoming elections, it's more important than ever to make sure you cast your vote. Your vote could determine the future of Social Security and Medicare—programs that millions of seniors rely on for their retirement and healthcare needs. So don't take this lightly, with the Republicans eyeing Social Security and Medicare, we need to vote to protect these vital programs. Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen, so make sure you are registered and make your voice heard on election day. So please, get out there and vote in this critical election. Our democracy, and the future of our country, depend on it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Why Can't Every State Vote Like Colorado?

Why Can't Every State Vote Like Colorado? It's no secret that voting in the United States can be a bit of a pain. In some states, it's next to impossible to vote unless you have a perfect ID and happen to be available during business hours on a Tuesday. This year as in years past I am thrilled to be able to vote in Colorado a state that makes voting easy, secure, and convenient. Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen of the United States. It's your chance to have a say in who represents you at all levels of government, from local school boards all the way up to the President of the United States. Unfortunately, not all states make it as easy as Colorado to vote. In some states, voting is needlessly complicated and time-consuming. Here in Colorado, voting is easy and secure. I received information about what was on the ballot, then I received my ballot in the mail the last week of October. I filled it out and dropped it off at a drop box and was
Why Voting Matters Voting is important because it gives everyone an equal say in how their government is run. No matter what your political beliefs are, your vote is an important part of the democratic process. When you don't vote, you're essentially giving up your right to complain about the government. If you want a change, voting is one of the best ways to make your voice heard. How to Vote in Colorado Colorado makes it easy to vote by mail. All registered voters in Colorado will receive a ballot in the mail approximately three weeks before Election Day. Simply fill out your ballot and drop it off at any designated drop box location. You can also track your ballot online to ensure that it has been received and counted.
No Excuses! There's no excuse not to vote this year. With early voting and voting by mail, there's no need to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the polls on Election Day. So, make sure you're registered to vote and take advantage of this opportunity to have a say in our country's future! I filled it out and dropped it off at a drop box on my way to work. The next day, I received an email notification from the Colorado Secretary of State's office confirming that my ballot had been received and would be counted. I couldn't have asked for more peace of mind regarding my vote if I tried. And I feel really positive about what direction the country will take after this election. The Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer besides tax cuts—which, as Obama said, could be a killer asteroid heading toward Earth. It's time for a change, and I believe most everyone knows it—even Republicans. Voting in Colorado is easy, secure, and convenient but that is not the case in every state. So then why can't every state vote like Colorado? If every state made voting as easy as Colorado does, we would see a huge increase in voter turnout—which is something we desperately need in this country and the republican party opposes. We need a movement in the future to convince other states to follow Colorado's lead and make voting more accessible for all Americans.
It’s time to expose that in republican states there are intentional roadblocks to the ballot box, mostly in southern states. It’s a fact that since 1984 republicans have known that the more people that vote lessons their chances of getting elected. So, let's exercise our right to vote and participate in democracy despite whatever roadblocks they place in front of us this election and next. Until we are able to get enough of a majority to override any filibusters, so we are able to fix our election system, get rid of Citizens United, and encourage democracy and voting by everyone! So, it's high time for other states to follow suit so that more people can exercise their right to vote without having to jump through hoops. Let's make our voices heard loud and clear!

Monday, October 31, 2022

The Billionaires Have Bought Our Government and We Are All in Danger

I am so angry right now. I can't even think straight. I am so sick and tired of the billionaires buying our government. I am so sick and tired of hearing people say that their vote doesn't matter. That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life. Your vote is your voice and if you don't use it, you are giving away your power to the billionaires who have already bought our government and are putting us all in danger. I am especially sick and tired of how they are doing it right now, as we see with the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. We are seeing Fascism on full display in the year 2022 in the United States of America, are we going to let them win? Do you think that the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband was just a coincidence, a random intruder? Do you think that the Republicans are just going to sit back and just let this go, maybe even try and tone down the rhetoric? Hell no! They are already spreading rumors that it was a gay lover that attacked Mr. Pelosi. So we now see that they are going to use this as an excuse to further inflame the already volatile situation in our country. Republicans and the billionaires that own them are going to use this to try and divide us even more. We cannot let them succeed. We must all stand united against hate and bigotry. As many of us as possible must all stand together against those who would seek to destroy our democracy. It is absolutely disgraceful what is happening right now with the attack on Nancy Pelosi, and it was an attack on her, she was the target. First of all, let's just get one thing straight: this was an act of domestic terrorism. There is no other way to look at it. A man drove all the way from Maryland to California with the express purpose of attacking a member of Congress. He was motivated by the same hateful rhetoric that we have been hearing from Republicans for years about Nancy Pelosi. And what are Republicans doing about it today? They are engaging in "whataboutism." They are trying to excuse it by saying that Democrats have been violent too. They are still running attack ads against Nancy Pelosi, using the same inflamed speech that motivated this man to try to kill her. And Republican leaders are acting as if it is business as usual. Trump has been silent, of course. We have seen how he goes about protecting our leaders who are from the Democratic Party or even his own party - the man has no loyalty to anyone or any country only money! The Republican Parties What Aboutism? On June 14, 2017, a left-wing extremist walked onto a baseball field in Virginia, opening fire on politicians and wounding House GOP Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and four others. Bernie Sanders immediately condemned the attack on Steve Scalise and called for unity. By contrast, Republicans have been quick to point fingers and play the blame game. They are still running attack ads against Nancy Pelosi, and their rhetoric shows no signs of abating. It's clear that they are more interested in scoring political points than in coming together as a country to heal our divisions. The Attack on American Democracy The attack on American democracy began long before Donald Trump ever announced his candidacy for president. For decades, wealthy special interests have been eroding our democracy by buying elections and controlling our politicians. They have used their money to influence the outcome of elections, to pass laws that benefit them at our expense, and to deregulation economic and environmental rules that protect us from their greed. As a result of this assault on our democracy, the needs of ordinary Americans have been neglected while the wealthiest Americans have grown richer and more powerful. In fact, the top 1% now owns more wealth than the bottom 90%. Meanwhile, corporations have been given free rein to pollute our air and water, ship jobs overseas, and drive down wages. The 2016 Election and Beyond The 2016 election was a wake-up call for many Americans who were unaware of just how much power billionaires have over our government. With the help of Russian interference and James Comey's letter to Congress, Donald Trump was elected president despite losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Trump appointed billionaires and corporate executives to key positions in his administration. He also signed a series of bills that benefit the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. For example, he pushed through a tax bill that gives huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while raising taxes on working families. He has also proposed drastic cuts to social programs like Medicaid and food stamps that help millions of Americans make ends meet. In short, Trump has done and is doing everything he can to make America great for the wealthy few while making life harder for everyone else. We cannot allow this to continue. We must fight back against this assault on our democracy and demand that our government represent all of us—not just the wealthy few. And we do that by voting anyone out of office that has any association to the MAGA movement. It's time for Americans to wake up and realize that our government has been hijacked by wealthy special interests. We must demand that our politicians represent all of us—not just those who can afford to buy elections. Only then can we begin to heal the divisions in our country and build a government that works for all of us. How the Billionaires Bought Our Government The sad truth is that our government has been bought and paid for by the billionaires who can afford to buy elections, this is nothing new, but to the degree it is happening today it is. They own the republican party outright, and yes, they also have a couple of democrats in their pockets too, and we cannot forget they control the media. The right-wing-billionaires have unlimited resources, and they are not afraid to use them to get what they want.
The only way for all of us to fight back is to vote. Violence is not the answer, but we cannot fear them either. When you do vote for candidates who will represent the interests of everyday people instead of the special interests of the wealthy few. Vote for candidates that will pass a bill to end “Citizens United,” Vote for candidates who will put principle over party. And most importantly, vote for candidates who will fight for a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few. This has to stop. We need to vote the billionaires out of our government and our lives and that means voting as many republicans out of office in November as we can to be able to take our country back from the oligarchs! I am so disappointed right now in many of my fellow citizens and I hope you are too. Some of these folks that fell for “Donald Trump’s MEGA Con Job” were lifetime friends & relatives, and those friendships and relationships with relatives and others went bad since Trumpism showed up in our politics, this has to stop. I'm going to vote Blue no matter who, we can sort out what is wrong with Democrats later, they are not trying to seize power at any cost, they are not giving aid and comfort to our enemies, they have not shown to be a danger to our democracy, so cleaning up the democratic party can wait! Because right now, this instant, we cannot wait when it comes to getting the MAGA crowd out of power they have put us all in danger. The world has become much more dangerous since Donald Trump came onto the world stage which caused the republican party to lose its collective minds. We need to vote as many republicans as possible out of office in November and take our country back! Please make sure you are registered to vote and that you vote blue on or before November 8th, our lives depend on it!

Monday, October 24, 2022

The American Oligarchy

It has become quite apparent that the American government is for sale. The highest bidder wins, regardless of political affiliation. In fact, it would appear that the only political affiliation that matters anymore is which party can line the pockets of their politicians the most. This is not a democracy; this is an oligarchy. It's no secret that money has always played a role in politics. But in recent years, the influence of billionaires has reached new heights. In the 2016 election, for example, the top 10 donors accounted for 22% of all money raised. And in 2020, the top 100 donors gave more than the bottom 65 million. The Republicans have had a stranglehold on our democracy since the 1980s. With their incessant voter suppression tactics and their blatant disdain for fair elections, it's no wonder the Democrats don't stand a chance (according to Chuck Todd). The networks are perpetuating this cycle by telling us to stay home and not vote. It's useless, they say. But I refuse to believe that. I think the Democrats are going to pick up seats in both the House and the Senate. I just don't see the same drive, hatred, or effort from Republican supporters as they had in 2016 or even 2020. Sure, there are plenty that still does, but their numbers shrink every day I predicted Trump would win in 2016 over HRC, and I truly believe I am correct about this. Progressives and centrists alike are not happy with the attack on our liberties from this activist republican court, the idea that we should be following what a bunch of yes very brilliant men, but they were just men, white men, rich white men. Societal norms have changed a lot since the constitution was written, which is why it was created as a living document. So I think we are going to pick up enough seats to Manchin Proof the Senate and we can finally get things done. The press is all confused because they do not hear our voices, the thing is progressives and centrists don’t spend a lot of time complaining instead we act, we vote, and the press will hear our voices on election day!
How did we get here? How did the country that was founded on the idea of democracy become a playground for the wealthy? It started with Reagan, and it's been downhill ever since. Reagan slashed taxes on the rich and deregulated everything in sight. He also stacked the Supreme Court with conservative justices who have been chipping away at voting rights ever since. The Christian Coalition got involved, and things really started to snowball. So what we're seeing now is the culmination of decades of Republican efforts to keep people from voting. The more people that vote, the worse Republicans do. That's why they've been working so hard to disenfranchise voters, especially poor and minority voters who are more likely to vote Democrat. They've gerrymandered districts, implemented voter ID laws, and purged voter rolls. And it's working; fewer and fewer people are voting every year. The Republicans have been using voter suppression tactics since the 1980s when Paul Wyrick and the Christian Coalition elected Reagan. Their strategy is to keep people from voting, because the more people that vote, the worse the Republicans do. We've seen this in recent years with their gerrymandering of voting districts and their purging of voter rolls. They've made it harder and harder for people of color, students, seniors, and other traditionally Democratic voters to exercise their right to vote. And it's working. In 2016, Trump won despite losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. The networks are complicit in this cycle of voter suppression by telling us that our vote doesn't matter and that we shouldn't bother because the Democrats are going to lose anyway. This is why we need to get out and vote! We need to show them that we're not going to take this lying down. The women are going to lead us through this dark time and into a new era of democracy!
Why Voting Matters Voting is important because it is one of the few ways, we can hold our elected officials accountable. If we don't like the way they're doing their job, we can vote them out of office. Voting also allows us to have a say in who represents us and what policies they enact. In addition to holding elected officials accountable, voting also allows us to make our voices heard on important issues like healthcare, education, and climate change. When we vote, we're telling our elected officials what matters to us and what kind of world we want to live in. Finally, voting is important because it helps to ensure that everyone's voices are heard. In a democracy, everyone should have an equal say in how their government is run. By voting, we help to level the playing field and make sure that everyone's voice is heard.
The billionaires have bought our government, and they don't even try to hide it anymore. American democracy is a sham, and it's only going to get worse unless we do something about it. Vote! Get involved! Don't let the oligarchs win! So, the bottom line is this: voting matters. It's one of the most important things we can do to fight back against the wealthy elites and make sure that our voices are heard. So, if you haven't voted yet, make sure you do—it might just be the most important thing you do all year. So, get out there and vote! Show them that we're not going to take this lying down. In my dream, women are going to lead the rest of us through this dark time and into a new era of democracy! Let’s make it so!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Which Side Are You On?

The Billionaire Class is Buying Our Government
Americans need to decide which side they are on in this election. I'm not talking about Republican or Democrat. I'm talking about the billionaire class and the rest of us. Are you going to support the oligarchy of this country who manipulate our elections through the Citizens United decision where the Republican court said that money was speech? How ridiculous! And ever since that went into law, our country's politics have gotten nasty. They're using their money to elect officials who will create laws and regulations that favor their interests over the interests of the American people. They don't care about us—all they care about is lining their pockets. And they're doing it at all levels of government, from national races all the way down to local races. This has had a profound effect on our politics, and it's showing no signs of stopping. The 2016 election was a prime example of what happens when the billionaires are allowed to buy our elections. Donald Trump was able to win the Republican nomination by outspending his opponents—and he didn't even have to rely on outside support, because he was already a billionaire himself! This is not how democracy is supposed to work. How can we possibly compete with these people who have no problem throwing millions into national, state, and local elections to create regulations and laws favorable to their corporations and personal wealth? Our only play is the numbers of voters and vigilance in making sure the elections stay fair. The fascist methods being used are not new. We saw them 100 years ago. The History of Fascism
The methods being used by the billionaire class to buy our government are not new. We saw them 100 years ago in fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. These oligarchs are using their money to control the media, suppress votes, and rig the system in their favor. They are doing everything they can to amass more power and control over our lives. Fascism is a political ideology that emerged in the early 20th century in Europe. It typically combines elements of authoritarianism, nationalism, and racism. Fascists seek to promote their ideas through violence and coercion. They also seek to control all aspects of society, including the economy, education, media, and religion. In Europe, fascism gained a foothold in the aftermath of World War I when many people were disillusioned with democracy and eager for change. In Germany, Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party rose to power in 1933 after he was appointed Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg. Hitler then assumed absolute power and established a totalitarian dictatorship. The Nazi regime led to World War II, during which Hitler and his allies sought to conquer Europe and exterminate Jews, Romani people, homosexuals, and others whom they considered "undesirable." In Italy, Benito Mussolini's fascist movement also gained traction after World War I. Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister in 1922 by King Victor Emmanuel III. Like Hitler, Mussolini established a totalitarian dictatorship and pursued aggressive foreign policies that led to war. Mussolini's regime was eventually overthrown in 1943, and he was executed in 1945. We cannot let them win. We need to fight back against this assault on our democracy. We need to make our voices heard. We need to vote in record numbers this November and demand that our government represents all of us, not just the wealthy few. Fascism in America? Some scholars have argued that fascism could take root in America if certain conditions are met. These conditions include a weak economy, an insecure middle class, an angry populace looking for someone to blame for their problems, a charismatic leader promising simple solutions to complex problems, and a compliant media . . . sound familiar?
What Can We Do? We can't compete with the billionaires dollar-for-dollar—but we can fight back in other ways. The most important thing we can do is vote in every single election, at every level of government. We need to show up in huge numbers so that we can offset their influence. Additionally, we need to be vigilant in making sure that the elections are fair and free from fraud or manipulation. Finally, we need to educate ourselves and others about what's happening so that we can build a movement to fight back against these oligarchs who are trying to buy our government. We need to continue to fight back against this assault on our democracy. We need to make our voices heard. We need to vote in record numbers this November and demand that our government represents all of us, not just the wealthy few. Americans need to wake up and realize that the Billionaire class is buying our government through legal bribery masquerading as campaign donations. They are using fascist tactics to control every aspect of our lives. We cannot let them win! We need to fight back against this assault on our democracy. We need to make our voices heard. We need to vote in record numbers this November and demand that our government represents all of us, not just the wealthy few.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Importance of Voting in Upcoming Senate Races

As we all know, the democrats took back the house in 2018, then in 2020 we switched the script and took back the Presidency and the Senate. With these wins, we should've been able to pass any bill we wanted but because of 2 traitorous senators, we have had our hands tied. So instead of saying we need to elect 2 more senators to make up for Joe Manchin and Christine Cinema, I say we need 52 new senators because every republican senator is terrible. They've done nothing in the last 8 years to help this country or even their own states. The only thing they seem to care about is giving more money to the wealthy and somehow that will help all of us. It's clear they have no agenda other than saying no to ours. The states with the most gun violence all have republican governors. The press seems To have a chance at passing any laws that can help this country, we need to take back the Senate. In order for that to happen, we need to vote out every single Republican senator up for reelection and replace them with Democrats who actually care about this country and its people. Here are a few reasons why every single Republican senator needs to go: They're Only Interested in Helping the Wealthy
It's clear that Republicans only care about helping the wealthy get richer. They're constantly pushing for tax cuts for the rich and corporations while doing nothing to help middle-class and working-class families. They claim that these tax cuts will somehow benefit everyone, but they never do. It's time for Senators who actually care about ordinary Americans. They've Done Nothing but Obstruct Progress For the last 8 years, Republicans have done nothing but obstruct progress. It's no secret that Republicans have been obstructionists since President Obama was elected in 2008. They've filibustered over 500 bills in the Senate and stopped progress on many others. They even went so far as to shut down the government in 2013 in an attempt to defund Obamacare. But it's not just Democrats they're blocking; they're also blocking progress for their own states. Red states are struggling while blue states are thriving. The reason is simple: Democrats are working together to find solutions while Republicans are only interested in obstruction. Take health care, for example. The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Americans get access to quality health care, but Republicans have done everything they can to repeal it. If they succeed, millions of Americans will lose their health insurance and be left with no options. Or take gun reform. They Don't Care about Gun Violence
The states with the most gun violence all have Republican governors. These governors refuse to pass any type of gun reform legislation, even though there is overwhelming support for it among their constituents. They're more interested in protecting the gun lobby's profits than they are in protecting American lives. We need Senators who will actually do something to reduce gun violence in this country. After the Sandy Hook shooting, there was widespread support for stricter gun laws, but Republicans blocked any and all attempts at reform. As a result, mass shootings have continued unabated. In fact, there have been more mass shootings in the United States since Sandy Hook than in any other country in the world. And then there's climate change Despite overwhelming evidence that climate change is real and caused by human activity, Republicans continue to deny it exists or say that it isn't a problem. They've even gone so far as to try to defund the EPA so that they can't regulate greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the United States is falling behind other countries in the fight against climate change.
It's clear that we need 52 new Senators who actually care about this country and its people. Republicans have done nothing but obstruct progress for far too long; it's time for a change. If you want to see real progress on issues like health care, gun reform, climate change, and more, then you need to vote out every single Republican Senator up for reelection and replace them with a Democrat. Only then will we be able to pass legislation that can truly help America thrive.

The Crimes of Donald Trump

It is no secret that Donald Trump is a criminal. He has been convicted of crimes in the past and has been sued numerous times for civil violations. In just the past few years, there have been several instances in which Trump has committed crimes that, if you or I had done them, we would have been convicted and most likely gone to jail. So why is this being slow-walked by the justice department? Is it because we still have way too many people in it that still support trump? The Crimes of Donald Trump Crimes Since 2015, Donald Trump has been convicted of federal crimes three times. In 2016, he was convicted of tax fraud. In 2017, he was convicted of obstruction of justice. And in 2018, he was convicted of campaign finance violations. If you or I had committed even one of these crimes, we would have been sentenced to prison. But because Trump is a wealthy white man, he has managed to evade any sort of criminal liability. In 2015, he violated the Cuban embargo by doing business with a Cuban military-owned company. In 2016, he violated campaign finance laws as mentioned above by paying hush money to two women with whom he had affairs. In 2017, he obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey. And in 2018, he violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as mentioned above. In June of 2019, it was revealed that Trump had directed his then-attorney Michael Cohen to commit campaign finance violations by paying hush money to two women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump. This led to Trump being indicted on two counts of felony campaign finance violations by the Southern District of New York. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison on each count.
These are just some of the instances in which Trump has committed crimes since 2015. If you or I had committed any one of these crimes, we would have been convicted and most likely gone to jail. But because Trump was a president, he has so far been able to avoid any criminal liability. That's not to say he hasn't faced any legal challenges; he has been sued numerous times for civil violations. But when it comes to criminal charges, Trump has so far been able to avoid any accountability. The Many Crimes of Donald Trump Over His Lifetime Over the course of his lifetime, Donald Trump has been accused of numerous crimes. These include sexual assault, racism, bigotry, and money laundering for Russian oligarchs. And yet, somehow, he has managed to avoid any sort of criminal liability for these crimes. As voters, we have a duty to hold him accountable for his actions. We cannot let this stand.
The Sexual Assault Allegations Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women. These allegations date back to the 1980s, and they continue up to the present day. In 2016, the audio recordings of Trump bragging about assaulting women were released, and yet he still denied all of the allegations against him. It is clear that Trump does not take sexual assault seriously. As president, he has attempted to roll back protections for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses. He has also nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite the fact that Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault himself. This sends a clear message that Trump does not believe survivors of sexual assault and that he does not think that sexual assault is a serious crime. The Racism and Bigotry Allegations Trump has also been accused of racism and bigotry multiple times throughout his life. He was sued in 1973 by the Justice Department for refusing to rent apartments to black people. In 1989, he took out full-page ads in four New York City newspapers calling for the death penalty for five black and Latino teenagers who were accused of raping a white woman in Central Park. The teenagers were later exonerated by DNA evidence, but Trump still refused to apologize for taking out the ads. As president, Trump has continued to display racist and bigoted behavior. He has referred to Mexican immigrants as "rapists" and "criminals." He has said that there were "very fine people" among the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. He has also repeatedly attacked NFL players who have knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality against black people.Trump's racism and bigotry are well-documented. And yet, he continues to deny any wrongdoing on his part.
The Money Laundering Allegations Trump is also accused of using his businesses to launder money for Russian oligarchs. In 2017, it was revealed that Trump's real estate company had received $13 million from a Russian oligarch who was under investigation by the FBI for money laundering. The oligarch had purchased four units in Trump's SoHo hotel-condominium building through a shell company set up by Cohen. This is just one example of many instances where Trump's businesses have been used to launder money for Russian criminals. And yet, Trump continues to deny any wrongdoing on his part. Donald Trump is a criminal who has committed numerous crimes over the course of his lifetime with no consequences. As voters, we have a duty to hold him accountable for his actions and ensure that he is brought to justice. We cannot let this stand any longer—enough is enough!