Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Wasted Time and Money Needs to Stop!

Redundancy and the day-to-day bureaucracy in our government agencies is a major issue that must be addressed if we are to truly move forward with providing basic human needs. This issue affects all levels of government, from federal to state and county, small and large cities. And even in small towns, I think maybe it hits the hardest because they have to deal with the day-to-day bureaucracy of the County, who has to deal with the States, who has to deal with the Federal government where different departments within a single agency may not be aware or understand what other departments are doing. As a result, funds can be wasted on inefficient bureaucratic processes due to miscommunication and lack of follow-up. We need a huge upgrade before any money is spent. In order to solve this problem, will take effort from both the public and private sectors. The public sector should lead by advocating for better communication between various levels of government when it comes to funding programs related to housing, food, medical assistance, and other core necessities. Improved data-sharing protocols should also be implemented to increase efficiency and transparency. Really this should be done agency-wide, it's time for an upgrade. On the private sector side, but even more so on the public side, businesses or agencies should strive to stay abreast of current government policies related to these issues. This will minimize unnecessary spending on repairs just because it’s in a budget or projects that do not ultimately add value to the communities they serve. Furthermore, research should be conducted into what this redundancy is costing us so that effective solutions can be identified and implemented. Ultimately, addressing the issue of redundancy within our government agencies is essential if we are to provide basic human needs efficiently and cost-effectively. While both public and private sectors have a role to play in resolving this problem, greater collaboration between different levels of government is required in order for progress to be made. Especially since there is a lot of money coming for badly needed upgrades to our crumbling infrastructures across this nation. Maybe we need to seriously trim down some of these departments. I hate to see people lose jobs, but then again I had a hospital job that was basically digitized from analog and then basically replaced with technology. I re-trained and moved on. With artificial intelligence today many of these positions can be replaced, especially in areas where human bias might play a part in decision-making. You can program whatever application not to have any biases, or the opposite just as easily. So obviously there will need to be over-site. But not departments within departments on top of departments that have departments just to fix the issues caused by all the redundancy and the day-to-day bureaucracy. In conclusion, it is clear that the issue of redundancy and the basic day-to-day bureaucracy in government agencies needs to be addressed in order to provide basic human needs more efficiently and cost-effectively. Improved communication between different levels of government and increased transparency are key components in resolving this issue. Furthermore, businesses & agencies should stay aware of current policies and research should be conducted into what this redundancy is costing us so that effective solutions can be identified and implemented. Addressing this problem will require collaboration from all sectors involved but if successful, could have a significant positive impact on our communities.

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