Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Are Putin's Days Numbered?

I believe that Putin's days are numbered. I think that even the Russians themselves have realized that he is losing his grip on reality, threatening nuclear war and saying he isn't bluffing puts the Russian people in just as much danger as us, maybe more. I have noticed that Russia cannot feed their troops or keep up with munitions production. I also have to wonder if their nuclear weapons even work anymore. It is obvious that the Russian Military is in shambles, and men are fleeing Russia to dodge the draft. When I went to Moscow a few years ago, I had a lot of hope for Russia and the world because I truly thought the cold war was over. But now it seems like all of that money funneled into Putin's bank accounts. I think we are going to see a coup to overthrow Putin. He has already fled Moscow! Putin's authoritarianism is no match for the power of democracy. Putin's days are numbered.
- Democracy will triumph over Putin's authoritarianism - Putin has lost touch with reality and is a danger to Russia - The Russian military is in shambles and men are fleeing the country - All of the money funneled into Putin's bank accounts could have gone to better use - There is a chance we will see a coup to overthrow Putin in the near future. - Democracy is the answer to Putin's days being numbered. I hope Putin resigns. I really do. But I doubt it will happen. He's a strongman leader, and they tend to hang on to power for dear life. I suspect there will be a quo by the military, though. The Russian military is falling apart from a lack of investment, and with tens of thousands of people fleeing the country to avoid the draft, I bet the generals are discussing their futures right now. The Ukrainians have been handing the Russian military their asses, too. The Russians don't want to fight Ukrainians - most of them probably have relatives in Ukraine. So I think the writing is on the wall for Putin. We'll see what happens, but I'm not optimistic for a peaceful solution there in Russia. Because I believe the Russian people are tired of being ripped off. The wealth of that country has gone into the pockets of the few. The Russian people have had a taste of democracy, I believe they want more. Russians just want to be respected but they have to see they have lost all respect from other countries since they invaded Ukraine. If the United States is smart, they will continue to support Ukraine, but not get involved with any plans to quicken Putin's exit because it will backfire. Let the Russian people take out their own garbage. I just don't understand the Russian People putting up with Putin. It's like they've collectively decided to desert their own common sense up until now. Putin is a big problem, but he's not the only one. There are plenty of people in Russia who want to work together instead of constantly screwing with each other. The United States is not innocent, over the years we have pulled just as many awful things trying to disrupt Russia as they have to us. Until recently, they scored big getting Trump elected. And when he lost in 2020, that is why I believe Putin invaded Ukraine. I believe the plans were already in place and the plan was to get Trump re-elected so Putin could stroll into the Ukrainian territories without much resistance. Because Trump would have never helped the Ukrainians, he was making that very obvious. Putin is a cancer, and he needs to be removed from power. But it's not going to be easy. The quo will be defended by those who benefit from it. And those who benefit from it are usually the ones with the most power: the military, the oligarchs, and the security services. They're not going to give up their power easily. It's going to take a lot of hard work by the russian people to overthrow Putin and his cronies. But it's worth it. Because if they don't, Putin will keep on messing with us and interfering in our affairs, which not only effects us, but the whole world negativly. And that's not something we can tolerate any longer. Mark Rose

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